Warm Sunday

Sunday, March 18
Good morning! 50 now 70 later!  Thanks for the food photos!  What a spread!  amazing…
2:57pm Phil
Came out great. The corned beef was so tender, not a speck left. We finished off all the green bourbon slush, so good and two pony kegs of homemade beer. I’d say we did the Irish thing rather well. Lot of tipsy people stumbling home. Finished up around midnight and up this morning for breakfast out and a little get together this evening. Busy social weekend.  Going to pull up a chair, turn on the tunes and nap in this gorgeous sun today.  Enjoy the day!
So gorgeous today!  Off to project steering and steak.  Have a great evening!

Hope you had a fun get together.  We approved a new project for September.  Bleh.  Not my type of thing but we need to do different types.  Dinner was yummy – beautiful piece of baked schrod.  Now I want… you.  Would love to.. well. you know.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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