Skin survey

Tuesday, March 13
Good morning! Already 51, going to 65.  Wow.  Off to Dermatology for a skin survey.  Yippee.  Then work.  Then babysit my niece!  Whee!  Hope your Tuesday is terrific!
10:50am Phil
Had a great day.  Weather is spectacular, loving it! may go out for a bike ride today. Been awhile since I have done that. Do some work in the yard.  Enjoying the warmer weather and the longer days!
Yay!  Rained but clearing.  Survived the skin survey – all clear!  WOOT!  Work is super-quiet, working on project stuff. Enjoy the weather!
Got out early again – so gorgeous outside!  Still 60.  Got niece to sleep early, waiting for her dad.   Thinking of the way you taste.  Mmm… Sweet dreams, kid.

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