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Tuesday, January 10

Hiya!  Lovely 46 degrees.  Busy day – staff meeting, prep for a big conference next week… hope your Tuesday is terrific!
5:33pm  Phil
Fabulous day here too. In the 50s! Just stunning.  Can’t wait for my trip! Be there Tuesday for half price sushi and 2 dollar beers.  I love the place. Great spot to read a book, relax and enjoy some awesome food! 

I will get to your last post when i have time.  Been through so much the past three years. Not all good, not all bad. Saw my entire life unravel, everything I believed fall apart and then slowly tried to put all the pieces together again. My kids are healing. They were the unintended consequences. when I have time to really sit down, I’ll lay this out, what I think, have thought, have been through and how I got here. 

Hope your day has been a good one. Looking forward to a scotch and a cigar by myself in the warmth. I am aching for some time to be by myself, with my thoughts, a good book, a great scotch and quiet. It will be tremendously rejuvenating and I’ll be learning to boot!
Yay for trips!  I’m so relieved you can get away.  I look forward to any history or insights you can share.  Sorry if dredging it up sucks, but I could use your expert counsel.  Quiet evening, enjoyed food delivered from a new Indian place.  Reading a new sexy blog… amazing how many there are! 

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