Sassy Answers: The Maid

Hiya!  Dear Readers, it’s time once again for a break from the Philip and Sassy journey as I delve into the email bag and pull out a question from one of you!  Today’s selection is a doozy but I will give it my best shot.

Q. What is the secret to harmony in a marriage?

A.  I am the wrong person to ask.  Although we do have harmony, if not sex!  Here are my three tips to an agreeable arrangement:

1) Two bathrooms

I despise someone knocking on the bathroom door asking when I will be done.
Hubby gets squeamish looking at the box of panty liners and creams and powders.
He does bizarre things to a tube of toothpaste and leaves his towels askew!
We are oh so lucky to have our own bathrooms!  So I don’t have to deal with any of that!

2) Two computers

We’re both online a lot, so two machines are a must!  We don’t have much to hide, but he likes his desktop littered with games and partitions and a wiggling screensaver and who knows what!  I keep it simple and my blog secret!

3) A maid

The most important thing is to pay someone else to do the big chores around the house!  I know it seems like a luxury, but I found out it is not that expensive to have someone come in once a month to scrub the bathrooms, vacuum the rugs, clean the kitchen and dust!  And it gives you a definite point every month to pick things up, get to that pile of papers you’ve meant to sort, put away that pile of laundry or clean out the fridge.  I have cut back on a lot of items but I am hanging on to the cleaners!   It is amazing the tension that is released when we don’t have to figure out whose turn it is to do all that cleaning, or split it up somehow, or pick on each other for our toilet cleaning skills!

You thought I was going to say “cheating?” HA!  Surprise!

Best of luck to all of you in your search for marital bliss!


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