A Benjamin

Friday, December 2, 2011
Phil: Good morning.  Enjoying my favorite time of day. Early morning, with Christmas tunes, a hot cup  of coffee, temps in the low 30s, and no one about. Just starts my day off right before the madness begins. Enjoy the day, hope it’s a good one! 
TEXT 7:45 am Phil: Here you go.  Good morning!
[photo of him sitting at his desk]
Good morning, sweet man.  So lovely to see your smiling face this morning!  Thank you!  Shouldn’t swell your head any further, but it made me .. um… linger in the shower!  Have a fabulous Friday!
Off to Clinton in the wilds of Central MA to take a survey about chemo injection devices.  Hoping it’s worth the $100 they promised me.  Have fun!  Whee! 
6:13pm you’re still cute. <3
Here’s some photos of my adventure.  Nice little New England town!  Great dinner at Olive Garden!  Mmmm… sausages.  🙂
Phil: Wow!  Nice Benjamin!

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