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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good morning! Happy football day!

Phil: No football today 🙁    
How could you not be horny watching and reading that stuff? It’s all tasteful as well.  Fun nite last nite, plenty to eat and drink.  Enjoy the day.

I know you like watching football no matter what they’re doing, but it might be just as well for them to rest a bit and re-think?  It was the .gif files last night… have you run across those yet?  They’re kind of a tease, but man… they certainly make me wish you were within reach to see if this or that position actually works.   Check out the kissing and tugging one…or prelude to a fuck.  Yum.

He was watching the game, but muted the tv when a stupid commercial came on for the third time.  He heard a noise from the other room… she was shifting in her creaky desk chair. Then there was a low moaning.  Hmmmm… he’d always wanted to watch her getting off, but never managed to catch her at it.  He slipped quietly down the hall and peeked around the doorframe.  She was reading that blog again. 

Phil: Lol, you go girl!

Does that make your dick jump a little?

Phil: Well of course!

Tell me what you see when you look in that doorway?  What you’d want to see…

Phil: Nothing like watching people fuck and suck to get your hand in your panties. Eyes closed, fingers moving quickly, sound of fingers moving over wet slippery flesh, smell of sex in the room. Would have to come close to see better, stroke my cock while watching and then touch it to your lips as I cum.

Damn kid.. I adore where you took that.. you make me so wet!!  The thought of you watching me… it’s freaky and fabulous all at once.  I’m going to bend over my desk… tell me what you’d do then? 

Phil: Shove this hard cock into that wet pussy and fuck the hell out of you. Long hard strokes

OMG… I need that.. so hard, so hot… pound me! Let me hear your balls slapping against me.  Feel you hands squeeze my ass… your hips against my skin… pull me onto your cock, Philip.  Deep.  Fuck me… tell me what you see?

Phil: Pussy gripping my cock. Juices running everywhere, cock hard, wet slippery, cheeks spread, ass making me wonder what that right hole would be like
Tight hole

Mmmm… you make me so crazy… you are so good… so… hot… this is what I was made for… for you… my insides are clenching, trying to milk you… but you can switch to another tunnel if you want… what would you do? 

Phil: Finish the pussy. Slip in finger in the ass maybe. Cum in that clenching pussy first. Maybe round two could involve the other hole. Or fucking your mouth, orrrr

Mmmmph…I love it when you fill me, cum inside me…mmm. I’m so hot, I want to do it all.  First will you let me taste you?  I can get you all wet, you can fuck my mouth, feel my throat, my hands on your cock and balls… Stroking, twisting… sucking. Would you come a third time, in my mouth? then explore my ass?

Phil: Love it when you swallow my cock, suck it, lick it, and then swallow that hot cum as it sprays into your mouth.

So sweet…yum.  It makes me burn… having your cock between my lips..mmm.   Now what?  I’m tempted to get my vial of spiced lube that warms on contact, get you all slippery so you can slide inside my ass.  Would you do that?
Phil: Of course. Slow and easy, following your cues, off to the shower to clean up and stroke my cock till I explode. Need the release. Slip a finger or two up that wet pussy and get off too.

Oh, my man… I wish I could go to that shower with you.  Watch you…
What a day it has been!  Fucking you over the course of it has been incredible!  Sleep well, sweet man.

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