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To celebrate that the election is over, for this month’s blog chain fun Kat (of the uber-sexy blog Prowling with Kat) asked us to write about sex with a politician or public official or public figure

Everyone remembers Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky from the 1998 impeachment scandal.  You knew I had to mention them, right?  I have been amazed at how he has been redeemed, is doing such amazing charity work and was a valued speaker on the campaign trail.  

Well, I met him first!  Did we have sex?  We can argue about the definition of sex, or you can read about my adventure.

The first time I saw Bill Clinton in the flesh, he was downtown in Boston at Faneuil Hall Marketplace on a sunny Friday afternoon in 1992, some guy from Arkansas campaigning to unseat President Bush in front of a crowd of about 45,000 people.  

Enthusiastic Crowd Greets Bill Clinton at Faneuil Hall

My assistants and I raced out of the office, but missed his speech.  As people left, we inched our way through  the crowd about 20 people deep, on the route between the office towers he had to walk to the waiting limos.  We stood along the rope line in the shadow of 60 State Street, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.  He walked right past us, then stopped and turned to me.  

At that time, I was a tall, busty woman with long dark hair, a big smile and rosy cheeks, in a Harve Benard silk blouse and wool business suit.  He was very tall and big, in a very sexy way.  He looked down at me with his beautiful eyes and I had the feeling that we were the only two people in the world!  His focus is incredible!  He shook my hand and put his other hand on my wrist and stared into my eyes.  He leaned in close so I could hear him over the cheering crowd.  Then he spoke… oh that voice!  Silky, Southern… oh my.  

“Thank you for coming today,” he whispered in my ear.  I wondered how he could possibly know that I was wet and tingling?!  He wrapped an arm around me for a quick hug, and I wrapped my arm around him to put my hand on his shoulder.  I am a sucker for shoulders!  He stepped back and addressed the crowd. 

“Please vote for me in November!” he shouted and they roared!  I stood staring into his eyes.  And then he moved on, shaking hands on the other side.  

I have met a LOT of politicians, as it’s all local in Massachusetts.  I had worked on many campaigns trying to meet men to help the Democratic cause, but no one affected me the way he did.  I can totally understand why women fell all over themselves to service work with him… mmm. 
Working a crowd was something he did all the time.  He was very good at it!  And it was good for me.  
It went something like this:

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton during a victory celebration after his 1996 re-election.
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  1. I guess one is left to consider “is” that sex?

    Well, in his immortal words it depends on what you consider the definition of “is” to be! 🙂

    I’d love to meet Bubba. I’ve met Hillary and Chelsea though. I do have to admit I find them more attractive!

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