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Wednesday, November 9

Good morning! 48 beautiful – what a stretch of great days!  Have a grand Thursday, kid.

Phil: It does! Damp rainy day here. Sipping coffee in my inner sanctum. I love my office. Good tunes, hot coffee, catching up on email enjoying the quiet. From 0730- 1600, it is a non stop merry-go-round. Going whiskey tasting tonight. 80 spirits to try. 

Hey lady, you skipped a day! It’s Wednesday! No hurry to the week! enjoy the day!  

Suppossed to get some flurries today. It starts. Away next week and the kids get here the following week! I can not wait!

Thanks for telling what day it is.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Went to Soul Foods Night at Olde Magoun Saloon.  Yum. 

Cubano egg rolls 
(Roasted pork, ham, swiss, diced pickles, caramelized onions, and sweet spicy mustard)

Buttermilk fried chicken with potato salad, corn bread and dirty rice

Are you tipsy? 

Just wondering if I could take advantage…

Get you to put your hands on me…

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