Tuesday, October 25

2:12pm Phil
I’ve decided I pretty much just like pumpkin pie. No latte, bisque or other stuff.  Had a pumpkin martini the other day that was not bad though. Been the normal busy week so far but not bad.  Weather is starting to turn brisker.  Not too bad. Football game was slow last night but great baseball game.  Listening to Vic Damone, Doris Day, stuff from the late 40s- early fifties.  Nice for a change.  Kids are coming for Thanksgiving and I am so excited. Did not think we would see them till Christmas and this is fabulous. Hope your day is great!

Wow!  Both kids for turkey!  Great news!! 

Another oddly busy work day – senior staff sniping at each other and expecting me to referee.  Bleh.  Went out to the last farmers market, got a chair massage… amazing how calming that is!  Got lab results from physical – amazingly healthy!  Phew. Hubby is out tonite, made my own supper.  New plan to save money and calories. 

Hope you’re having a relaxing evening.   Feeling lonely… reading old messages.  You make me smile. 

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