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Monday, October 24

Good morning! Chilly 45 sun and I hope your week is off to a grand start! 

8:29am Phil
Cool crisp morning, hot coffee.  It’s good. My team won! Hosting some big wigs this week and then party Thursday, dinner with friends Friday. Halloween party Saturday, I think. Should be a fairly busy week.  Weather was amazing over the weekend.  Shorts all weekend. The pumpkin fest was fun!  Have a great week Sass!

Posted photos of my hair.  I’m at the “five months since chemo ended” point.  It’s wicked curly in the back.  Finally getting out of the “too wicked scary short she musta been sick” to the “could be a style choice” stage!  

Hiya, kid.  Had a crazy busy day at work… first time I looked up it was 2:30 pm and I had to pee wicked bad!    Big grocery run after work – got spiced pumpkin bisque and pumpkin mousse for supper – I may turn orange!  Hope you had a productive day and can relax with some football. 

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