Thursday, October 13

7:40am Phil
Sounds like fun. A new rainy day starting.  Got done at 8:30 last night. I was flat worn out. Feeling refreshed and ready to go today. Have a great day!
Good morning!  Pouring, 60.  Good thing I got a sunny smile from you! makes my day!  Waiting for house cleaner, chatting w/ sis on Yahoo IM.  But it’ll be fine.  Oop – they’re here.  Have a super day! 

Good thing I have Evelyn’s Drive-in on a quiet lake to think about when work gets nutty.  My boss got misquoted in the newspaper – it said he’s resigning (he’s not). He blew a gasket, so I called in staff from home to help him get a retraction, and change the web and keep him from having a coronary… earned my money!  Did you get a new secretary?  Wish I could do it… I am a kick-ass assistant!  Off to drinks w/co-workers for some bonding. Have a great evening!

Had a great time with co-workers.  Nine of us!  and a very special dessert.  It tasted almost as sweet as you do!  😉 

Casablanca’s flourless chocolate cake

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