October welcome

Saturday, October 1

9:06am Phil
Cool crisp morning. Coffee at the office, a work out, halloween decorations and then wine and beer tasting!

Good morning!  Raining… Still in bed, wishing you were here to wake me up.
Sing to me, kiss me, slap my ass!

Busy day – see my sister’s new house, going on pre-closing walk-thru.  They close Monday, then start renovation.  Probably won’t move until next summer.

Then a wedding reception at MIT – huge party!  and it’s my mom’s birthday!  She’ll also be at the party so we’re singing to her there!  Whee!

Back from sis’s new place – wow!  Huge house…one block from everything!  Hope you’re having a spiffy Saturday!

Home at last from the party – what a shindig!  Almost 200 people, amazing food – I danced and danced!  Hope you had a fun day. 

Bushed. Bed.  Love you. Sweet dreams, kid.

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