The Rudder

Wednesday, August 31

8:08am Phil
Morning.  Lot going on at work, makes it a little frustrating. Ah well. Weather has been nice, rain over the weekend I think. Looking forward to the start of Football season. Have a great day!

Good morning!  Beautiful here, 71. 
Thinking of lobster.  And you.

8:12am Phil
Ready for some lobster.  That’s going to be a busy and frustrating conference. Looking forward to seeing you. Hopefully my team will have just won and the patriots lost.

What does frustrating mean?  Wasting your time?  Not getting done like you want? 

I am sending you some of my patented B’s Best Breaths.  Take them and think of lobster and my breasts and life will easier. 


Gotta shower… ping me anytime if you need an ear.  Or a breast… 

8:29am Phil

LOL! Just some personnel issues that are taking a great
deal of every bodies time to resolve. We will get them
figured out. Working in the yard over the weekend. Good for me.
Off to work.  Whee!  Big wet smootch to you! 

I have all this crap to do at the office but none of it has to be done today, and I don’t feel like starting it.  I’d rather think about meeting you at the Yankees/Sox game tonight and misbehaving in the stands. 

Hope your day is going better than you thought.  I am going out for a walk, see if that will clear my head.

Did you eat or was it just beer?

3:58pm Phil
great bike ride, actually ended up stopping to eat – the root beer   marinated beef tips, fabulous. 18 miles on the bike at 14 miles per hour. 
Good ride
Dinner in Gloucester w/ sis @ The Rudder. Strolled thru the artists colony – incredible seafood, beautiful ocean scenery, fun restaurant on the harbor.  Appetizer of grilled shrimp skewers with chorizo over garlic polenta, creamy clam chowder and a divine seafood risotto!  And she paid!  Thought of you as I passed the oyster bar.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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