Flash Fiction Friday: Mile High Club

Hiya Readers!  It’s time for a little break from the adventures of Philip and Sassy to play along with other bloggers on a fun project called “Flash Fiction Friday.”  I am popping my FFF cherry and trying my hand at quick erotica!

A blogger finds a sexy photo and challenges us to write a story of a certain length with a certain word, to wit:

The Flash Fiction Friday challenge for today, August 24: the required image is above; the required word count is 195-199, excluding the title; the required word to use is “...bold….”

I was in the office late Friday when my officemate rolled in with his suitcase, back from London.  He looked oddly cheerful, so I stared at his beautiful face and gorgeous shoulders… yum.  Yes, I have the hots for him, but there are some rules I won’t break – no sex with co-workers!  

I got up to leave, noticing his belt was twisted and he’d missed a loop in back.  And his dress shirt was misbuttoned!  

“Um… dude… go to the men’s room,” I suggested, pointing.  He looked down and grinned.

“Heh… see… a strange woman had her way with me midair,” he admitted gleefully.  

“What?” I asked, thinking I must have mis-heard.  

“Yup… jumped me somewhere over the Atlantic!  With people watching!  She was hot… great lips, perfect breasts…” he mused.  We’d shared an office for awhile, but I’d never heard the likes of this! 

What?” I repeated, trying to catch my breath… and feeling jealous of that woman. 

“Yeah… if I may be so bold.… she reminded me of… you,” he said, pressing me onto my desk, putting his fingers in my hair and his tongue in my mouth!  Damn the rules!

The amazing Ram The Sunlover tossed out this week’s version.  Please pop over there to see who else is playing along this week.  

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  1. Wow! Awesome first time playing! A very hot story that builds nicely to a very exciting climax, one that leads us wanting more! Great job. And we hope you’ll participate again!

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