Trip South

Monday, August 15
7:27 am
Phil: That’s wonderful. Done, off to Florida later today. 
Football game tonight! Have a fabulous day!
8:50 am
Murky Monday
Good morning! Pouring rain, 68. Gotta make my own sunshine! 
Have a marvelous Monday, my sweet
9:36 am 
Ooh! You’re headed to a hot place! How long are you down South? Is there fun to be had 
down there? FB is goofing up… didn’t see your msg until 2 hrs later. Ick. Have a great 
11:10 am 
Phil: oysters and beer! I love Florida.
11:26 am
It is like your place at the beach? Seems to have a lot of similarities…
11:31 am 
Phil: Oh yeah. Beach, lots to do
1:27 pm     
I am being bad. Writing a story at work. Shower scene. Mmm… maybe I will share it if 
it turns out readable…
1:45 pm 
Phil: That does not sound like work
1:57 pm 
It’s my lunch hour… yeah, that’s right.
8:26 pm 
Yay!  Your team is off to a good start. Wow, what a game! Hope you had an easy trip and 
found a fun place to watch.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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