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Here’s another fascinating edition of “Sassy Answers” where I answer a question from one of my sweet readers instead of brightening Philip’s day.

With the advent of Kat’s Blog Chain Fun and blogging about Sassy’s Past, I have acquired a bunch of new readers!  Yay!  Sassy waves from Boston!  And these folks have questions.  Some very intimate questions.  But I will answer anyway!

Q.  Do you have cutesy pet names you call Philip in bed?

A.  No.

Honest!  I know a lot of folks use baby or honey or sweetie or snookems but I couldn’t find one that fit.  You may note in the early days of corresponding, I tried various pet names for him.  I tossed all sorts of adjectives and nouns into my messages – honey, sweetie, sugar, tiger, dear, darling… but the only one that stuck was kid.  Because I make him feel like a kid again.  And sometimes sweet man… because he is sweet, in so many ways!  You have to read along to see what he calls me.  But we don’t use anything in…the heat of the moment.  I break Christine Lavin’s cardinal rule and call him by his name!

So… fair is fair… tell me what you use as a special name for your dearest affair partner or wife or lover? Maybe I will find a new one that will work!


Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name
Words and Music by Christine Lavin/Flip-A-Jig 
from the album Future Fossils 
Copyright 1986
song begins at 1:15

To look at me, you may not think that I’m a Femme fatale,
But I’ve got more boyfriends than I can count, you know I don’t mean pals
Well, there’s Andrew, Barney, Charlie, Dan, and Ed – to note a few.
I used to get their names mixed up, but now here’s what I do

I call them
Sweetheart, Babylove,
Angle face, Turtledove,
Honey pie, Sugar lamb,
Huggy bear, Lover man
To avoid any possible embarrassment or blame,
I never call my sweetheart by his name.

My girlfriend, Marcia’s quite a dish
She meets boys by the dozens,
She knows all the New York Jets,
Their brothers and their cousins
And each one thinks he is the one that she is crazy ’bout,
‘Cause at the crucial moment she’s been know to holler out

Sweetheart, Babylove,
Angle face, Turtledove,
Honey pie, Sugar lips,
Macho man, Motor hips
To avoid any possible embarrassment or blame,
She never calls her sweetheart by his name.

Some people think this is dishonest (no, no, no, no, no)
Some people think this isn’t right
But have you ever said “I love you, Thomas”
When Thomas was the boy you were in love with last night. (uh-oh)

Next time your sweetie calls you “Dear”
Maybe you should wonder,
Are they just trying to avoid a social blunder.
I’m not trying to make trouble, monogamy is grand,
But if it’s not your style better follow my plan

And call him
Sweeheart, Babylove
Angle face, Turtledove,
Honey pie, Sugar lamb,
Lover boy, Superman

Avoid any possible embarrassment or blame
Don’t ever call your sweetheart by his name.

Don’t ever call your sweetheart
(No never call you sweetheart)
Don’t ever call your sweetheart by his name.

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