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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
7:29 am Phil: Morning girl.  Another pretty day.  Gearing up for the fourth of July celebration, preps  are in full swing.  Mom arrives tomorrow.  An old friend is here today and tomorrow and I am making Filet Mignon for diner tonight.  Should be a good day.  Have a great one!
8:16 am Good morning!  Murky 72, forgot to set my alarm, woke up 1 hr late, got out in 20 min!  Whee!  Waiting on zap #8 then off to the office.
8:18 am Have fun w/ your pal and scrumptious filet!
9:07 am Hawaiian shirt in a hospital bathroom
[photo of me in the Radiation Oncology bathroom]

9:20 am Cambridge, Boston’s Science Museum and the Charles River

6:03 pm Phil: Just washing up a bit.  Thought about this sexy girl I know
[photo of a sudsy very erect cock]
6:05 pm Ooh!  I was hoping for a filet photo, but this is much tastier looking! 🙂
6:13 am Phil: Nice and clean [photo of his clean lower body]
6:13 Phil: Hmmmmm [another very sexy photo]
6:13 pm Phil: Well it’s all beef
6:19 pm As a sign of my life (on a high protein diet to promote healing so I look up protein content of foods) I was thinking of swallowing something, and looked the protein content of semen! 
6:28 pm It’s a healthy snack! 🙂
6:31 pm You could put your mouth where my hand is… [photo of my breast]
6:41 pm Phil: Yes it is cums with a straw too! 
6:42 pm Phil: I could indeed
6:46 pm Damn you make me so hot… I want to suck on that straw so bad!
6:52 pm Phil:  🙂 
6:57 pm  Love seeing you smile… want to hear you moan, feel you pulse
6:58 pm Phil: Damn girl. Ppp
7:04 pm Wanna fuck your ass, put my tongue inside you and wiggle it around until you scream.
10:28 pm Do I tell you often enough that you make my life better?  You do!  Going to bed, pull a sheet over my naked body, and wish it was you!  Sweet dreams, kid.  <3
1:38 am Phil: Mmmmmm, you sexy thing, good night.
1:48 am Phil: I would moan, thrash and maybe scream

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