Rhymes with tuck

Monday, June 27
7:06 am Good morning!  Beautiful 68!  Hope you have a melodious Monday!  La la la chicka boom boom! 
7:36 am Phil: Hey you!  Good morning!  Nice day so far.  Supposed to rain but it’s nice out.  Busy week, lots of visitors, moving pieces.  Family visiting.  Looking forward to that.  Enjoy the day!
8:46 am at MGH for zap #6.  It’s underground, not where I want to be this beautiful morning!  So great your family can visit.
9:36 am Too nice out to work, going to the beach instead!  Taking mom out for lunch to see some waves!
9:49 am Phil: Awesome!  Have fun.
10:55 am Wish you could play hooky and go along.  Would love to feel the hot sun on my body and then find a quiet dune where you could make me even hotter… 🙂

11:04 am Phil: Perhaps rub sun tan lotion in
11:33 am mmm… that would be a good start.
1:07 pm But I know what I’d really like rubbed in…
5:38 pm Busy night – did a big speech at a project then off to TX Roadhouse for a fund raising dinner!  Whee!
6:08 pm But I’d rather be putting my mouth to use elsewhere…
10:07 pm Home at last.  How was your day, kid?
11:14 pm Off to bed.  Wishing you could tuck me in.  or something that rhymes w/ that.  😉  Sweet dreams, kid.
12:01 am Phil: Love to fuck you in and shove my cock into that hot mouth.  Sleep well Sass.  I have to admit, I love filling your pussy with cum.  That is one tight wet pussy.  You just drain me girl.
12:04 pm Phil: Could use that dildo tonight.  In the mood to fuck and be fucked.  That was so hot, came buckets.
12:09 am Phil: Thinking of you [photo of his cock]
12:14 am Phil: Would you swallow this?  Please? [photo of his cock]

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