Patriots Day Hot Chat

Monday, April 18
7:41 am Phil: Good morning!  Snowing its ass off here.  WTF!
7:43 am Good morning!  Snow?  Yikes.
7:48 am 45 here, headed to 60.  Happy Patriots Day!  Big holiday here – Boston marathon, morning Sox game, Battle of Lexington re-creation… But I get to work anyway! 
7:49 am Post snow photos?  [He put a photo on his FB wall]
7:54 pm Great shot!  Nothing like architecture and weird weather in the morning!
8:02 am Phil: Good morning!  [photo of his cock at attention in the shower]
8:02 am Phil: Just out of the shower at work after a morning workout.
8:03 am Phil: Something to distract you while you drive. 🙂
8:05 am Mmmm… I’d love some sweet protein for breakfast.  🙂
8:08 am Reciprocation!  [photo of my breast]

8:13 am Phil: Ha ha
8:14 am Phil: Very cool!  Like to spray cum all over that
8:17 am Phil: The cum shot [photo his cock with a semen bubble]
8:22 am Phil: Could you rinse this for me?  [photo of sudsy cock]
8:26 am Put it right here?  [photo of my bare slit]

8:27 am Phil: Rendered speechless I see.  Wow.  I’m guessing that’s hard to do
8:28 am Phil:  Oh hell yea!  Very nice! Damn!
8:29 am Sometimes a photo is worth 1000 words? 🙂
8:30 am Phil: LOL!  Very nice.  🙂
8:34 am Phil: Slip a finger into that wet pussy.  Would look great wrapped around my cock.
8:37 am Can’t talk, licking up cum…. Damn, Philip, you make me ache… Thank you 🙂
8:39 am Phil: My pleasure. 🙂
8:40 am that’s a photo we have to work on… Hmmmm… Your cock inside me, from above…. Ooh…. Or the side… mmmmm.. what a vision!  Have a great day!  I know I will. 🙂
8:42 am Phil:  You too! 🙂
9:25 am Architecture, sun and flowers for you!  [photo of the street I work on]
10:18 am Phil: Lovely!  I love it.  Enjoy!
1:36 pm I am outside at lunch w/o a coat!

April 18 2:42 pm
Morning work out request

Dear Sir, 
Please go to the gym in the morning more often.
And text me photos afterwards. 
Thank you. 
the happiest woman on the face of the planet

2:42 pm Phil: Yea yea, rub it in!
2:43 pm  I’d love to rub it.
2:48 pm Giving you a hand  [photo of my hand]

2:49 pm Phil: Like this?  Rub it, suck it, lick it
2:49 pm Phil: Cum get some!  [photo of his cock in his hand]
2:55 pm Did you eat wheaties this morning or what?  Whatever you did, keep doing it!

April 18 3:34 pm
Beach post card from Good Harbor

3:34 pm Phil: Ha ha!  Somebody sent me a pussy shot and a breast and then I read some story about California!  What can I say?
3:36 pm Mmmmmm… Whirlpool…. Pounding….

April 18 3:47 pm
Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, MA

3:49 pm And lobster!  🙂
3:59 pm Phil: Oh yea, fucking, sucking, lobster, all seem to go together 🙂

6:29 pm Blue margarita as big as a swimming pool!  [photo of Hubby’s drink]

6:57 pm Phil: I have one of those glasses!
11:11 pm Phil: Nite Sass [photo of his package]
11:13 pm Night kid.  Sucking… stroking
11:14 pm Phil: Mmmmm… would love to cum in your mouth.  Nite.
11:15 pm oh yeah….
11:15 pm Sleep well sweet man.  What a day!
11:16 pm Phil: Good nite.  Looking at your pussy.  🙂
11:17 pm Bare due to chemo… Sensitive… Flushed because of your words…
11:21 pm Phil: Good, like it, like to be rubbing my cock along it feeling it get wetter and slicker
11:34 pm ah… you make me so wet…. So hot.
11:35 pm So alive!
11:35 pm I want to make you explode.
11:37 pm My favorite Patriots’ Day ever.  Sweet dreams…
[26 texts today!]

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