Remembering his dad Part 2

Tuesday, March 15
[East coast time – Philip in our home town]
8:33 pm TEXT Phil: Like father, like daughter [photo of his smiling brother and niece (with Sally in the background)]
Tuesday times
Between Phil and You
March 15 at 8:38am
Good morning, Philip! Sunny here, hope you’re seeing the same.
March 15 at 10:59am
Did you see your dad’s obituary? Very well done. Comments are pouring in. I probably shouldn’t comment there, but know that my prayers are with your mother, and the entire family. As people said to us – I didn’t know him, but he certainly produced amazing children. May he rest in peace.
11:08 pm TEXT Thanks for the photo!  Glad to know you made it, and see your brother smiling.

March 16 at 12:48am
Headed to bed. Hope you sleep well, kid.

Wednesday waters
Between Phil and You
March 16 at 7:58am
Good morning! Gray, rain soon. Hope today is not too tough. I found “thank you” was good to say to almost everything people said to me in condolence. Hugs.
March 16 at 2:23pm
Thinking of you.. hoping it’s going okay.
March 16 at 7:41pm
Home eating Greek food – avegolemono soup, taramosalata (that pink dip) and gyros. Hope you’re getting a good dinner and having a chance to relax.
March 16 at 10:24pm
Been musing about our eventful lives… comes back to “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain.” Feels like I can dance easily, because you helped me hear the music again and showed me the steps. Sappy, I know. But true. Thanks, kid. Sleep well.

Phil March 16 at 10:40pm 
Nite girl
Thursday Green
Between Phil and You
March 17 at 8:00am
Top o’the morning ye! I’m off to MGH to spend St Patty’s Day doing chemo #4 w/ a pal. Hope you have a good day.
March 17 at 6:01pm
Done with chemo. Got to eat a cherry popcicle, thought of you. 😉
Phil  March 17 at 6:15pm
Excellent! Should have been a cherry creamsicle. 🙂

Phil March 17 at 6:16pm
Having a great time with the family. Been a great celebration of life. Tears and laughter but all good. Funeral is tomorrow.
March 17 at 6:38pm
So good to know it’s going well. Phew. Home now. Very little brain. Just enough to think of doing things to your body I shouldn’t mention! 🙂
March 17 at 9:39pm
Plotting lobster tomorrow to celebrate making it half way thru chemo. And chowder. So wish you could enjoy it with me… ah, well. Someday. Can’t keep my eyes open. Sleep well, kid.
Phil March 18 at 6:49pm 
Service went well. Dad would have been pleased. Headed back to the midwest, 3 hrs in about 10 to go.

Friday findings
Between Phil and You
March 18 at 5:48am
Good morning! 48, headed to 70! Woot! No work for me. Quiet day then event this evening.
March 18 at 5:54am
I’ll be thinking of you and your family this morning, praying it is a meaningful service and helps give you peace.
March 18 at 6:47pm
Off to the event! Hope you’re doing okay.
March 18 at 10:06pm
Good event, made a little money! Good crowd, laughed, cried. Off to Rudy’s the tequila bar. Hope the road is smooth. Look at the moon with me.
10:37 pm TEXT Fish tacos first ever! [photo of fish tacos]

March 19 at 12:44am
Ate my first fish tacos! Yum. The mix of hot fish and cool toppings… divine. Thanks for the tip toward a great meal! Where are you now?
Saturday shots
Between Phil and You
March 19 at 9:21am
Good morning! 45, stuck there all day. Off to MGH for my bone marrow booster shot! Hope you have a good day.
March 19 at 1:20pm
Productive morning – easy trip to MGH, deposits to the bank, pharmacy pick-up… home getting stuff done. Hope you made it easily.
Phil March 19 at 1:25pm
Easy trip. Relaxing in the office. Got home about six, collapsed. Gonna get a workout in and then do some house work.

March 19 at 11:01pm
Bed for me. Sleep well, kid.

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