Beach bar textfest

Sunday, March 6
8:09 am Good morning!  55 here!  Gray but warm!  Headed to the UU church for niece’s baptism, then lunch w/ 40 people at sis’s house.  Have a great day!
10:10 am Phil: Getting some work done and then off to church.  Have a great day!
11:34 pm Good day?  I enjoyed all 90 min of UU worship – my niece was so good upfront!  Lunch was low key, Hungarian mushroom soup.

11:36 pm So tired after chemo, cousins, memorial and baptism in four days.  Too many people.  Bleh.  Pray I don’t get their germs!  Chemo kicking in, slept long nap.  Sleep well, kid.

Monday, March 7
8:03 pm Good morning!  54 and gray.  Have a mighty Monday!
11:17 pm Hey kid.  Hope you had a good day.  Busy at work, then quiet evening,  Yay!  Sleep well!

11:34 pm Phil:  Busy day. Prep to be away.  Headed to the beach tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 8
7:57 am Good morning!  27 and sunny pretty.  Feeling icky but pressing on.  Saw a kerfuffle on your work FB – comments balanced out.  Hope you have an easy flight!
4:59 pm Phil: Yeah work was all great fun.  Seems to have settled down now.
5:08 pm Cool.  I am having BAD day, stayed home, trying not to bug anyone.
5:13 pm Phil: Chemo bothering you?
5:17 pm Yep. Warning – whining here.  No brain.  Everything tastes like SOAP.  Can’t get warm.  Nothing dire.  Just… Ick. 
5:20 pm Phil: That sucks.  Hope you feel better tomorrow.
5:23 pm Thanks. Usually do.  Sorry to whine…. 
7:51 pm Phil: I am sitting in a bar at the beach, eating amazing fish tacos, drinking giant Fat Tuesday beers with 2 dollar margaritas.  I’m a very happy boy! 
7:52 pm Fab!
7:55 pm Meetings or what takes you there?
7:56 pm Phil: Meetings with bigwigs.  Great to be home!
7:57 pm I bet!  Warm?
7:58 pm Phil:  Cold.  49 breezy.  Gonna sit on the balcony and sip a scotch.
7:58 pm Sally w/ you?
7:59 pm Phil: No., traveling with a staffer.
8:01 pm How long there?
8:03 pm Phil: Couple days.  Meeting with the bigwigs tomorrow, and then a couple other organizations Thursday
8:33 pm Call sometime?  Voice would be a treat….
8:34 pm Seeing your kids?
8:39 pm Phil: Trying
8:41 pm Can you see the water?
8:43 pm Phil: I’m on the water, headed to see friends
8:50 am Oh, you are so lucky!
8:51 pm I wish I was there…
9:56 pm Headed to bed.  Have fun.  Think of me licking you!  🙂
Wednesday, March 9
5:23 am Good morning!  34 and clear.  Hope you have good meetings.
5:23 pm  Hey, kid.  Have fun w/ the bigwigs?   Busy work day for me, heading home for more Indian food.  Hope you have a nice evening.  <3
Thursday, March 10
6:32 am  Phil: Had great fun!  Terrific meeting, fun evening with friends.  More meetings today.  All easy ones. Drinks with my boy then home tomorrow. Good trip!
8:15 am Good morning!  Sweet to hear you so up!  Makes me smile.
9:05 am Off to work.  in tiger print panties.  😉
1:40 pm Feeling way better.  Slow day at work.  Head full of you.  Trying not to pester…but it’s tough.  Memory so strong.  Your mouth… your hands… my body…mmmm.
5:48 pm Phil: Having drinks with old friends.  Having a great time!
5:49 pm Awesome.  Headed home…
5:52 pm Did you write that you love me last week?
6:21 pm Home. Curled up with two kitties.  Thinking of your ass.   🙂
6:23 pm Phil: LOL
6:24 pm Phil: Enjoying a quiet evening with friends.
6:37 pm Sorry… shouldn’t bug you, just revved up, wicked hot for you.  Will try to behave.  Would rather fuck you silly.  Oops.  Enjoy yourself…
6:49 pm Phil:  Ha ha ha!  Horny wench!  I love it.   🙂
8:22 pm Damn it.  How can I keep from saying I want your cock buried in my tight hot hole?  I’ll wench you and raise you two long French kisses!
8:23 pm Phil: Which tight hot hole?
8:29 pm Hat trick, buddy.
8:30 pm Phil: Oh ho ho, bend over and take that cock.
8:49 pm So deep, so hard, so hot… wet… mmmm.,. burning like a frickin volcano.  You are torturing me… Don’t stop… pound.  Stone man.  In my bed. ummm.
8:51 pm Phil: No – pound that pussy, fuck me hard baby, give me that cock – is what I think you meant to say
8:59 pm Argh… Philip… Please… repeat first minutes alone…. Kiss…. Suck nipple and tug. Suck me until I explode then fingers then back door furious fuck and you…
9:00 pm Phil: ummm… sounds like fun.   🙂
9:08 pm Yup… Fun.  What are you drinking? 
9:11 am Phil: Beer.  Heading down to see my boy!
9:12 pm Busy night.
9:13 pm Fun night
9:21 pm Feels like home, still?
9:27 pm Crap.  Cats been texting you.  Eep.  They’re way better typists than me…
10:27 pm Phil:  It is home.   🙂  🙂  🙂
10:35 pm Sweet.  Raining.
10:39 pm Still want you… Again,.  Yet.  Hmmm.. How can that be?  One track mind tonight… and quite a sexy track it is.  Feeling sooo naughty.  Crazy…
10:48 pm Where are you now?
10:49 pm Phil: [another] bar
10:54 pm Great web site… drool
10:54 pm eating?
11:02 pm Phil: Drinking
11:02 pm Phil: Heading to [another bar and restaurant]
11:18 pm Geez… Your getting around.  They have paella!
11:19 pm find your son?  He ok?
11:40 pm Phil: Oh yeah and it’s awesome!  Fish Tacos!  Yum!
11:40 pm Margarita?
11:41 pm Phil: But of course!
11:45 pm I’ve never had a fish taco.  Have to go find one here.  Hard or soft taco?
11:54 pm Phil: soft, only way
11:59 pm Good to know.  Online reviews gush about them!
11:59 pm Just found a local pub that makes paella and pours Glenmorangie… heh.
12:07 am Found fish tacos, new place near Fenway – adding it to my list.
12:25 am Still rather eat you…
12:26 am Phil: LOL
12:32 am Just saw a recipe for pina colada body paint… Thinking about the fun you could make that… 

12:34 am Phil: I like pina coladas and your body
12:35 am probably not as sweet as your juice. 
12:42 am Absolutely not
[switched to FB chat very briefly – adding here for continuity]
12:45am Phil: to bed. Up at 5.  Goodnight

12:46am Good night, sweet man. 
Fuck me quick before you go?
Insatiable… that’s me tonight.
Can’t get you out of my head…
But sleep now… I’ll get over it somehow…
thanks for taking me with you around the beach bars tonight. Great fun. 
Friday, March 11
7:46 am Good morning.  43, fog.  Forecast says downpours.  Maybe the last of the snow piles will go!  Hope you have safe travel and good Friday!
7:53 am Phil: Gorgeous here!  Gonna be 75 here.  25 at home. Yippee
7:56 am You hearing Japan earthquake/tsunami news?
8:16 am Phil: Yea, wow.
8:17 am Ever felt a quake?  I did in CA… bizarre.
8:19 pm Phil: Yeah, several in CA.  A little freaky
2:50 am Lunch out at Border Café.  Couldn’t eat but had a great talk w/ minister lady I hadn’t seen in years.  Hope you made it back easily!
2:52 pm Phil:  Back and working, having a blast!
5:33 pm Wow..I’m constantly amazed how much you can do on so little sleep!  I’m home, prepping for project meeting.

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