Cosmetic tweak

Wednesday waiting
Between Phil and You
December 8 at 9:23am
Good morning! Hope you are smiling this morning. Another cold, clear day here – 28 degrees. Quiet day in the lot. No work for me – downtown Boston for eyelid surgery @10:30 am. Hope it’s quick and easy. Have fun with the boxes!
Phil December 8 at 11:26am
Thanks. Working around the house, having a good time. Cold out but not too bad. Good luck with the surgery.

December 8 at 11:46am
Hiya! Enduring another hour plus wait…grrr. I sure know how to live it up on my day off! 🙂 There is a gorgeous view of city from up here.

December 8 at 2:09pm

Finally saw the doc, out in less than 20 minutes! Nothing to it… quick zap – heard a puff of air and done. Whee! Felt fine, so I came on in to work. Not sure why… nothing to do. *sigh*
December 8 at 4:01pm
Couldn’t think of anything to do, then had a great idea! Look at my 2009 calendar – what I was doing this time last year? I was… on vacation! At IKEA. Duh. Anything you want me to Google for you? Ideas for a “scenario” I can write? Hope you’re being more productive than I am! 🙂
December 8 at 10:01pm
Hey, kid. Hope you had a good day. Quiet evening here. Trying not to touch my eyelids! heh. Going to turn in early. Sleep well, sweet man.

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