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Saturday sales
Between Phil and You
November 20 at 6:50am
Good morning! I hope your Saturday is a fine one. Pretty sky today… high patches of pastel clouds like someone from 19th Century France painted them, cold – 37 degrees but might get into the mid-50’s, brisk winds (up to 40 mph!) whipping Old Glory, gaggles of gulls sailing on the gusts… have a special day, Philip.
November 20 at 7:02am
Big plans for today? I’m headed out to take my Mom to the church fair at my sister’s church.

[Philip called me and talked more about his new post]
November 20 at 7:58am
So great to talk to you!
Wading through the figure skating results. The big action is in Moscow this weekend, called “Cup of Russia,” 5th stop of the 6-weekend Grand Prix series. The Americans aren’t doing very well… but a Canadian man, Patrick Chan, is causing a buzz. He landed a quad-triple combo jump in his short program that has the press tripping over themselves. This is the first year they’ve allowed quad jumps in the short program, so they stick out right now.

November 20 at 11:38am
Survived the church sale. What a mad house! Got a tote bag for fifty cents. Taking my dad out for Chinese lunch. Hope your day is going well.
Phil November 20 at 1:58pm
Sounds like an interesting day! Have fun.
November 20 at 10:51pm
Hope you had a nice day.
Had a great lunch with mom and dad. He moving well with his walker, and smiled. But completely quiet. Still good, for someone the doctors have given up on. Food was barely tolerable, so I didn’t eat much, which is fine.
Quiet evening. Did some more de-cluttering. Hubby was sick and asleep most of the time. Looked at more lobster restaurant menus. Yum. Sleep well, sweet man.

Sunday switch
Between Phil and You
November 21 at 9:27am
Good morning! I hope you’re having a good day at the beach. It’s another COLD clear morning – 33 degrees, in the 30’s all day. Brrrr… Wind has the flag straight so you can see every star and bar! Calm in the lot.

Sunday Afternoon Text Fest
2:47 pm Me: Pub Brunch!  (with a photo of my food)
2:49 pm Phil: Now that looks good!
2:53 pm Me: Bacon and bloody mary… Mmm
2:56 pm Phil: Oh hell yea!  Hope Indy kicks the shit out of the Pats!
2:56 pm Me: Brat.
3:05 pm Phil: Yeah Baby
3:11 pm Me: Fuck me.
3:13 pm Phil: Well damn!
3:15 pm Me: Lobstrrrr (with a photo of the lobster tank at Shaw’s)
3:18 pm Me: Shopping during the Pats game is heaven… no crowd!
3:42 pm Me: More lobster…Go team! (with a photo of Butoni shrimp & lobster ravioli)
4:18 pm Me: Congrats! (when his team won their game)
4:19 pm Phil: How bout them!  Let’s go Colts!
4:19 pm Phil: Thank you.
4:25 pm Me: Ooh… you are asking for it.  And you’ll get it, mister!
4: 25 pm Phil: Shit! Fucking Patriots! (After they scored early in their game)
4:28 pm Me: All revved up.  Watch out.  Hubby had a melt down and left me at the store alone.  So I’m pissed and casting about for a target.  Wide berth suggested… or send a big hug.  Sigh
4:40 pm Phil: Big hug!
4:42 pm Me: Good answer. <3
5:34 pm Me:  You are seriously screwing up my efforts not to fall for you.  Brat.  Sorry about earlier, much better now.  Yes, Pats! (during halftime)
5:35 pm Phil: Lol!
5:37 pm Me: You eating good stuff?
5:38 pm Phil: Riding the bike for 50 minutes at the moment.  Working my ass off in front of the TV of course.
5:41 pm Me: Wow.  You’re so virtuous!  Go Philip!
5:42 pm Phil: Gotta do it.
5:42 pm Me: home or gym?
5:43 pm Phil: Couple hundred crunches coming up. 
5:45 pm Me: too bad you aren’t here… I’d give you a work out. 😉 you could carry groceries! 
5:48 pm  Me: Time for the Pats to nai
5:49 pm Me: oops… Nail down the win!
7:09 pm Me: Pats win! (sorry)
7:10 pm Phil: That sucked.
7:14 pm Me: Got sushi delivered – life is good!
8:06 pm Me: Friend is coming over – bringing homemade peach ice cream!  
Since my place is clean, I can have company!
8:08 pm Phil: Enjoy, love peach ice cream is favorite
8:20 pm Me: [photo] My friend with sushi
8:22 pm Phil: Yummy
10:14 pm She’s gone. She’s so fun!
November 21 at 11:20pm
Such a fun day! Brunch with Hubby, football with you, sushi, ice cream with my friend… a good Sunday. 
Thanks for… being there when he wasn’t. And keeping me laughing. It means more than I can say. Sleep well, sweet man. Sweet dreams.

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