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It’s time once again for me to answer a question from a reader.   Perhaps “reader” is the wrong word, as this lovely person didn’t want to read…

Q.  What is this blog about?

A.  What do you mean?  You don’t want to start at the beginning and read every single post?  I know, you have things to do and not enough hours in the day.  As Inigo Montoya says in “The Princess Bride,” “Let me ‘splain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.”

One word:  SEX!

Short answer:  It’s a very SEXY conversation between a man and a woman on Facebook.

Summary:  My first love from high school found me online after 35 years.  He’s curious to know how my life turned out, and whether the demure lady is the same sassy girl he knew.  He came at me at 100 mph, reminding me of the magic moments we shared, and trying to convince me to finish what we started as teenagers.  He wants to find out if the chemistry he remembers and the connection we made online exists in the real world, even though we’ve each been married for years and never strayed.  Will we ever meet face-to-face?  Will we hook up?

My plea: Please start at the beginning and imagine how you would feel as you get each message, day by day.  They’re short.  They’re funny.  Some even have music!  It’s a sexy, strange and wonderful story!

If you have read my blog?  Thank you!  Please comment to tell everyone what it’s about for you, or which post is your favorite, to help out those who are new here.  I won’t even mind if you say it’s the photo of my chest!

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