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October 20, 2017 Friday

9:42 AM Phil
Hey lady! Hope your day is marvelous!
9:32 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
11:52 AM Phil
12:31 PM Sassy
You having fun?
5:05 PM Sassy
Got a new phone.  Setting it up now.  Samsung J7 Prime.  Whee.
5:05 PM Phil
Oh yeah
5:06 PM Sassy
Hubby’s phone bricked and it was going to be 10 days to get new phone from Google, so I moved us both back to T-Mobile.
5:27 PM Phil
Cool! The dinner view
[Two photos – a fancy grill with chefs and a lake view]

5:37 PM Sassy
That’s gorgeous
5:40 PM Phil
So pretty! You are talking about the meat, right?
5:41 PM Sassy
I was looking at the lake this time
5:41 PM Phil
Oh yeah, that’s pretty too
5:45 PM Sassy
Do you have on flip flops?
5:45 PM Phil
[photo of the beautiful view out over the water]
Literally looking out the window at dinner. A little hard to take
5:45 PM Sassy
5:49 PM Phil
Coconut bread pudding with vanilla ice cream smothered in whiskey sauce for desert! Woooo
5:53 PM Sassy
Yum yum yum yum! 

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