Love you back

October 31, 2016 Monday

7:25AM Sassy
Good morning!  Mwah!
7:28AM Phil
Good morning!

7:29AM Sassy
Good weekend?
7:34AM Phil
It was. My pal called yesterday to let me know one of our closest friends passed away suddenly. He was a great guy and we enjoyed many adventures and always thought we had many more to go – dreamed of taking trips together.   

Reminds you that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I have not really lost anyone close to me other than my Dad and a very few other family members but it was their time, they had lived full lives. This sucked, this guy should have had many more years.

7:37AM Sassy
Oh no!  So sorry to hear that.  Hugs.  

I know that feeling.  
Always makes me want to live life to the fullest.  
And tell people things now.  
I love you, Philip!

6:17PM Sassy
Amazing supper at All Seasons Table in Malden
 Hot & sour soup

 Crispy honey ribs
Scallion seafood pancake

7:57PM Phil
Love you back.  XXoo
thank you

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