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June 25, 2016 Saturday

6:04AM Sassy
Hiya kid!
9:13AM Phil
Hey hey hey!
10:29AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a blast!
11:54AM Phil
I am indeed

[photo of his hand holding a beer overlooking the water]

11:55AM Sassy
I’m still in bed with my bullet, thinking of you
12:35PM Phil
Ooh, enjoy baby
12:43PM Sassy
12:53PM Sassy
Ah…so good

9:30PM Sassy
Chicken dinners at the Ninety Nine Restaurant

 Gold fever wings with celery and blue cheese dressing

Rosemary lemon tips with rice and corn for Hubby
10:05PM Phil
You’re up late…or early?  Hmmm

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