Truck fantasies

June 30, 2016 Thursday
8:40 AM Truck  Morning sexy. Hey are you still part of that community project? 
9:04 AM Sassy Good morning hot stuff! Yup, still helping out. 
9:04 AM Truck  Cool
9:04 AM Sassy My big project was in April, so I’m in the background now
9:05 AM Truck What was it
9:12 AM Sassy Fun!
9:13 AM Truck You’re all about fun….And fucking….
9:13AM Sassy You betcha.  What’s your main fantasy these days?
9:13 AM Truck Mmmm
9:14 AM Truck Let’s see….
9:16 AM Truck Kissing sucking and fucking while being watched either by older or younger woman or couple…I’m kind of all over the map!
9:17 AM Sassy I’ve been looking at exhibitionists tumblrs
9:17 AM Truck You?
9:19 AM Truck Wow.  Kind of in sync.  What are you seeing?
9:20 AM Sassy Here’s my current fave
9:21 AM Sassy He updates it a lot
9:28 AM Truck Very nice stuff, love the ‘sex in public places’, girls masturbating in public, etc
9:29 AM Truck Wish there were as many women as men flashers!
9:31 AM Truck Do you have any exhibitionistic urges?
9:35 AM Sassy In fantasy
9:31 AM Truck Yes
9:39 AM Truck I’m fantasizing about you showing your big beautiful white breasts to some appreciative stranger…
9:45 AM Truck Or to me, hey no fantasy!
9:48 AM Sassy I look at the photos for how to do it
9:45 AM Truck I like that
9:50 AM Truck So open to learning
10:00 AM Sassy Most look crazy but every now and then I see one and think I could do that..and you could take a photo, or a quick video!
10:02 AM Truck That would be great and very hot helping you do that. Imagine how turned on you’d be posting that and getting comments?
10:02 AM Truck Maybe you could return the favor…
10:03 AM Sassy Half excited and half terrified
10:03 AM Sassy Oh that would be fun
10:11 AM Truck Oh you know I’d make you feel comfortable, and we’d make sure no face shot, or just kind of obscured. I think something where you’re slightly bent over or fully on your hands & knees so your hanging tits are in full pendulous position would be good. What have you seen that you’d like to try?
10:12 AM Truck Would you consider exposing your vulva?
10:19 AM Sassy Maybe but being so curvy makes that tricky.  I’ll keep an eye out for examples andy send them
10:21 AM Truck Well maybe the curviness could work to our advantage. Ok would love to see shots you like
10:23 AM Sassy Would be so great to have your eye for sexy and the right angle to show off my best assets
10:35 AM Truck I KNOW I’d do you justice. And I’d have a nice precum oozing hardon the entire time, but be totally professional 😉 we’d probably start snapping pics with you fully clothed and as you got more comfortable, slowly strip you down to only bra & panties. It would also be your call to go totally naked. Maybe some special kisses and touches would get you there. Oops what happened to my professionalism?!
10:56 AM Truck  Might also be nice to bring a few different things to change into. I fancy the idea of braless in a tank top, showing both hard and soft nipples
10:57AM Sassy Mmmm…I adore how you run with this idea!
11:15 AM Truck  So glad
11:18 AM Truck Gives me a chance to flex my artistic muscles as well as admire your body very close up. I’ll have to be careful not to touch that sensitive spot on your back….
11:19 AM Sassy  I dunno… might have interesting effects to photograph
11:19 AM Truck  Ya know, I was just thinking….!
11:20 AM Sassy  Are you familiar with tumblr, how to get to other sites where each photo or video comes from?
11:21 AM Truck Generally there’s a link by each photo right?
12:20 PM Sassy Yes. I drill down a lot.  I’ve been running into spam under about 10% of them, so be careful.  Close the window when that happens – never click anything
12:35 PM Truck  Ok I’ll beware, can’t wait to browse on my home computer rather than phone. I appreciate you texting me when you can at work, I know it’s not easy. So if you let me caress your back, will it cause you to get very wet? Don’t know if you’re up for a wet spot panty shot, black panties would show it best, and also look good against your pale skin.
12:39 PM Sassy Very wet…mmm
12:41 PM Truck  Oh that’s soooo yummy to hear
12:44 PM Truck  I’m envisioning a very wet panty crotch shot, then pull panty crotch to the side to reveal pink wet lips. I can insert a finger so as to rub wetness all over inner and outer lips for the shot
12:52 PM Sassy For the shot.  Mmm hmmm
1:04 PM Truck Yeah, such a yummy thought…
1:10 PM Truck If you get turned on enough, I’ll be asking you to spread your lips wide. Maybe shots for our private collection 😉 I’d so love you to take pics of my erect cock just to document my reactions and for you to keep (or share)
1:32 PM Sassy Oh yeah!
1:37 PM Truck I knew that would appeal to you

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