Whirlwind flirtation

May 23, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy
To: Floridian
Sent: Thu, May 23, 2019 at 12:24 PM
Re: Showers

Hiya Josh! Did you fly off into the sun? Hope you are settling back into the FL days and recovered from your wacky weekend.

My boss is away and I’ve caught up momentarily on retirement transition chores, so I am enjoying reading your words and staring at a certain photo during lunch.

Keep misbehaving!



From: Floridian

To: Sassy
Sent: Fri, May 24, 2019 at 2:37 PM
Re: Showers

Well, now, Sass, that was a breathtaking whirlwind flirtation. I’m still kicking myself in the ass for passing up on the opportunity to get naked with you Sunday. Sometimes, I just think too much for my own good. It wasn’t a need to balance my actions with any inner moral compass. I have no problem bedding you and devouring you. It was more a knowledge that I try to fit too much into a finite timeframe for my own good and worried that peak performance would be valleyed. But come Sunday night, if I had factored in the delay, I was ready, willing, and more than able. I just piss me off sometimes. I would have relished the chance to explore every inch of that big beautiful body in the shower, standing up, laying down, in bed, on the floor, in the chair, hanging out the window, you name it. But it will happen.

Thought you might appreciate a more G-rate pic, fairly recent as you can tell by the presence of a World Series trophy which they didn’t start getting until this century. I rubbed out my colleague’s face just for her privacy. My beard is also now gone but even though it’s a goofy smile, I wanted you to see the length of what you’re dealing with. You’ll have to go up on me.
[photo of him in a white shirt and tie with a much-shorter colleague standing behind the golden baseball trophy]

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