Snappy Patty’s

March 21, 2019 Thursday

8:42 AM Sassy
Good morning! It’s Thursday again! Enjoy!

12:24 PM Phil
Friday for me! Have a great day!

12:25 PM Sassy
Me too! What’s your plan?
I’m going to see The Northerner tomorrow!

12:24 PM Phil
Well enjoy!
Going to a festival tomorrow and the home show on Saturday

6:56 PM Sassy
Dinner at Snappy Patty’s in Medford

Chocolate espresso martini and Danger Juice
Tater tots with Parmigiano-Reggiano
Clam chowder with Ipswich clams and pork belly
Beet salad 
with toasted Sunflower Seeds, Honey Creme & Citrus
Beef sliders
Steak frite
Roasted acorn squash with maple butter

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