Mona Lisa Me

January 21, 2019 Monday MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY

6:48 AM Sassy
3 degrees.  Brrr…. it might get up to 9 later.  Still Brrrr.

12:20 PM Sassy
Holiday breakfast – cheese omelet with wheat potato toast and jam with an iced chai latte! AND BACON!

1:04 PM Sassy
Took an online quiz

Which Famous Painting Really Reflects Your Soul?

It says Mona Lisa reflects my soul – the description is oddly correct. Wonder which answers gave them this idea?!

“You are calm and demure at first glance, but there is a whole world of things going on under the surface with you. People are inexplicably drawn to you and will go out of their way to be in your presence. Your smile is intriguing and hints at some of your mysterious inner workings. You see things from a unique perspective, subtly encouraging others to see the world in a whole new way.”

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