Storm Harper

January 20, 2019 Sunday

7:06 AM Sassy
Storm Harper is bringing us pouring rain this morning.

[photo of the snowy slushy mess I can see from my balcony window]

7:26 AM Sassy
Good morning from winter central!
Guy’s flight was canceled. Not surprising.

7:28 AM Phil
Awww, sorry

7:29 AM Sassy
You getting any wacky weather?

7:30 AM Phil
Just rain

7:30 AM Sassy

11:28 AM Sassy
Storm Harper has gone cold again – from 34 to 21. Frozen over again. So happy I can stay inside today! Whee!

[photo of ice over the snow out my balcony window]
11:57 AM Sassy

Snow day breakfast – ham & cheese omelet with English muffin and raspberry jam and OJ and an iced chai latte! My comfort food.

10:42 PM Sassy
Storm Harper is over! It’s clear and cold! Now we go into the deep freeze! 10 degrees now, going on down to 5 by dawn. Brrr….

[photo of the icy world out my balcony window]

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