2019 Plans

December 18, 2018 Tuesday

8:03 AM Sassy
It’s Tuesday time! Let’s rock it!
I get to take 25 people out for a holiday lunch! We’re doing the Indian buffet! And the Yankee swap…whee!

4:24 PM Phil
Woo Hoo! Awesome!

Just booked a cruise – San Diego, San Francisco, Victoria and Vancouver

4:53 PM Sassy
Oooh! I adored Victoria- so British!
And Vancouver is awesome – beautiful, cosmopolitan… fun!

6:36 PM Phil
Both are fabulous and five days of being spoiled on Disney Wonder

Plus a long weekend in San Diego with a short trip to DisneyLand

8:21 PM Sassy
Wow… sounds fantastic!

9:04 PM Phil

[photo of a ship sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge]

Be gorgeous in the spring. Still cool and beautiful at sea

9:07 PM Sassy
My current theory on retiring is May 17… worked on the numbers tonight to make sure I can make enough by then to do the pre-tax 403(b) and Roth IRA contributions I want to.

I visited Victoria and Vancouver in late April… fantastic!

9:09 PM Phil
Awesome! That’s wonderful. Love both towns but Victoria is spectacular. I have another five years at work but I’m still enjoying it

9:10 PM Sassy
You are so lucky!

My boss makes every day bad. Couldn’t even get through the Holiday Lunch without her trying to sabotage my setup.  But everyone else said it was wonderful, so I will focus on that!

9:14 PM Phil
That’s why I left my last job. Boss was a two faced prick. Honestly hope I never see him again. I’m very happy where I am now
9:16 PM Sassy
I am so happy to hear that!

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