Hold his hand

October 7, 2018 Sunday
1:05 PM Sassy
Hiya kid! Watching the football?
1:06 PM Phil
Hey there! Sure am
1:17 PM Sassy
We’re waiting to watch the new “Doctor Who” premiere with the first female doctor.
It starts at 1:45 pm

Hubby figured out this new Sling thing, where you can get cable channels for cheap streaming online!

1:18 PM Phil
Ahhh, enjoy!
1:19 PM Sassy
You alone?
1:19 PM Phil
1:21 PM Sassy
Got beers? snacks?
1:22 PM Phil
Got beer. Avoid snacks unless it’s veggies
1:22 PM Sassy
1:23 PM Phil
Inside with the AC
It’s a little sticky out for them
1:27 PM Sassy
It’s rather warm and humid here too.

Remember The Big Fish? The guy I met who works where I do?
He emailed to tell me he’s got Stage IV cancer. *sigh

1:28 PM Phil
Oh my, sorry the hear that
Fucking suck ass disease
1:29 PM Sassy
I offered to help… hope he’ll let me somehow.
1:30 PM Phil
I hope he does
1:31 PM Sassy
We never did much… but kept talking.
Hope my experiences could help.
He was supposed to have a hip replacement but instead they found cancer. So he’s not only in treatment, he still can’t walk. Ugh.
It sounded like he thought it would make me run away but you know me… makes me want to run there and hold his hand.
1:34 PM Phil
Oh geez. Bad to worse
Whatever comfort you can provide will be appreciated, I’m sure
1:36 PM Sassy
You were so good to me when I was ill.
My body was crap but you kept my mind in fabulous shape!
1:37 PM Phil
It costs nothing to care and be good to people.
Easier when you already cared
1:39 PM Sassy
You have off tomorrow?
1:48 PM Phil
I do!
2:21 PM Phil
How bout you? my team playing well today!
2:22 PM Sassy
Yes, got the holiday off. Yay!
2:23 PM Phil

6:35 PM Sassy
Ordered delivery from Beantown Taqueria – their beef nachos and pozole soup are so tasty!

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