Fall flowers and food

September 23, 2018 Sunday

8:56 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

9:48 AM Sassy
Fall flowers on a beautiful Sunday morning!

11:30 AM Sassy
Breakfast at the Arlington Diner – not our intended destination but it worked out.  

Don’t you love it when a restaurant website says they open for brunch at 10 am and when you arrive at 9:55 am their sign says they open at 11 am?   Grrr…. no Summer Shack for us! 
French toast with sausage
Sausage eggs Benedict with home fries 
My Eggs Benedict with home fries
Side of bacon

11:57 AM Phil
Good morning! Nice rainy day!

12:23 PM Sassy
Beauty at Wilson Farm in Lexington

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