Meet #24 Ecstasy with Brett

July 6, 2018 Friday

Report #24 Ecstasy with Brett

I went to work in the morning, took care of the payroll and a bunch of little tasks. I talked Hubby into going along with me to the burbs! He picked me up at 12:30 pm and I drove out to the Bamboo restaurant. We enjoyed the Chinese buffet. I adore their shumai!

He dropped me off at the hotel, told me to have a good time, and went off to Starbucks to work on his computer while I had a lovely afternoon with The Northerner!

I was early so I went to the bathroom in the lobby, ate mints and used wipes so I am fresh and clean!  I checked in at 2:30 pm and waited in the lobby. I was getting antsy at 2:45 pm, looked around and there he was coming in! He strolled over to me with a huge grin. I handed him the key card and he asked, “No map?” I said no, and repeated what the clerk told me – on this floor, keep left and look for Room 2057. This place is such a maze! He assured me he could find it and we should go along as it was time for ecstacy! What a word!

I grabbed his backside and groped while we walked. He giggled and gave me his “BEHAVE FOR 30 more seconds!” look. We walked down and around and over and finally got to the room. He used the key card and opened the door. I set down my purse and he grabbed me from behind, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck while he groped my breasts and rubbed his rock hard cock against my ass! Mmm….it is so good to have him touch me! 

I stepped away momentarily to take off my socks and shoes, so I fit into his body better. I was sitting on the ottoman watching him shed his clothes. He has such a great body! He got down to his tighty whities and closed the curtains to give us complete privacy and get the curtains away from the a/c to make it cooler. He came back to me and took off my top. He took my hands and got me to rise. He took off my bra and kissed my nipples. Then he took off the rest of my clothes and gave me a big hug.

I moved to pull down the covers on the bed, then took his hand and led him there. We rolled onto the sheet and he was very close beside me. He kissed my left breast and put his fingers on my clit, flicking and pressing. Oh my! I squirmed and shrieked as he drove me crazy! He knows just what to do to get me soaring. Mmmm…

He played with me for a long time. I played with his hair and rubbed his arm and told him how good he was making me feel. He smiled. He grabbed a condom from the night stand and I smiled as he rolled it on. He shifted me around so my ass was against his cock and turned me at a right angle with my legs over his hip so he could get inside me. I played with his cock a little, then pressed him inside. He moved in and out and played with my clit and my left breast at the same time… Wow! I adore this position!

He went on and on… moving in and out, pressing deep. I spread my legs various ways to see what would get him the deepest. He moaned and breathed hard. I did that too! I trembled and my inner muscles clamped around him. I smiled and he smiled back. After a long time, he said, “Roll over Sass and I will finish with a flourish!”

I made my way onto my stomach and got up on my hands and knees. He pressed inside me and pounded me over and over. I slammed back against him and he warned me he was not going to last long. He shuddered and pressed deep and stopped. I could feel the pulsing as he filled the condom and came hard. Yes!

He flopped down beside me on his left side. He rubbed his shoulder and I asked if it was hurting again and he said yes but I am worth it! I rolled over on my right side facing him. I did not cuddle… it was too hot. I blew on his sweaty face and chest, then rubbed his shoulder. He closed his eyes and I watched him relax. I was quiet until he started to talk.

We caught up on various parts of our lives – family, work, projects, national news. He told me about a very close call with his wife. He went to the doctor for his shoulder injury, which he says happened right after our last time together, and he left the post-visit report in his pants pocket. She found it when she took them to do laundry, and read it over and noticed… his Viagra prescription! Oops! She confronted him, assumed he is having an affair since they don’t have sex anymore. He told her he gets it to enhance his self-play and she accepted that. But he knew she was suspicious so he stayed away from me for longer than usual. I sympathized and told him that was smart. He said I am worth the risk! He resolved to be even more careful.

I told him I had been out with my cousin to the bar of the hotel where we first had sex and how I thought of him the entire time but managed not to talk about it! He smiled and said he often thinks of the first afternoon, and the morning after. Hard to believe that was nealry three years ago!

I asked him for restaurant recommendations in the area and he gave me several amazing-sounding ideas!

We cuddled a bit, then I looked at the time and suggested he go home a bit early, not risk getting there after her. He frowned, said he didn’t want to go. He kissed me again and played with my breast. Mmm… I pushed him toward the shower.

We talked as he showered and I used the toilet. I peeked in the shower and kissed his soapy face! He giggled and grinned. I asked if he realizes that I like him. He nodded, says he likes me too.

I threw on my clothes and watched him dress. I texted Hubby to tell him I was done and he could come get me.

We settled the bill (I charge the room on my card and he gives me cash) and he left money for the maid. I gave him one more quick kiss on the lips without touching him otherwise, then looked around to be sure we had everything, and we strolled outside. I watched him to go his car, then sat on the stone wall at the front of the hotel in the sunshine.

Hubby appeared quickly and I convinced him we should go out for dinner! We looked at menus and he chose the Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington. I drove over there and we had a spectacular Italian dinner! My brain was a little addled… I listened to him tell me about his work and went back over my afternoon in my mind, smiling and feeling calmer than I have in a long time. I am a lucky woman!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri Jul 6, 2018 at 8:25 PM
Re: July gems

Hiya Brett! Thank you ever so much for a lovely afternoon. You are so fun!

And double thanks for the restaurant recommendation. We went to Tuscan Kitchen and it was spectacular!

Have a wonderful cooler weekend and nurse that body of yours!



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