Side boob

June 2, 2018 Saturday
From: Thad
To: Sassy
Sent: Sat Jun 2, 2018 at 5:18 PM

Re: May meandering

Hi there

Sorry not to have been back in touch for a while.  I was laid up throughout May with a really bad infection that landed me in the hospital while the doctors played with different antibiotics!

Absolutely no fun!

I’m better now, but still under the weather a bit.  Tired mostly.  My damn surgery has been put off once again until the doctors are certain all the infection is gone.  (That makes sense, of course — but the waiting is killing me!)

Thanks for the “pick-me-up” — very inspiring!


From: Sassy
To: Thad
Sent: Sat Jun 2, 2018 at 11:30 PM
Subject: Side boobs

Thad!! So wonderful to hear from you!  Glad you are alive and on the mend.  So sorry you had to entertain the staff at the hospital for awhile.  That’s never any fun. 

Life is rolling along for me.  Work has finally calmed down to the dull roar that passes for summer at the office.  I’m thinking about retirement in a year or so, going to meet with the benefits folks soon to see if my theories can become reality. 

My community project is busy – had two events this month and a big fund raiser in two weeks. 

Hubby has been on an upswing – is starting treatments next week for PTSD and hoping that will help decrease the effects of major stress he’s been under. 

Saw a fun tumblr yesterday about side boob shots and thought of you.  


I so wish there was more I could do to perk you up but hope this is a token of my best wishes for better days.  I think of you often and send healing vibes and fantasies about seeing you and touching you and… someday!  


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