Lone Star Taco Bar

March 17, 2018 Saturday

11:24 AM Sassy
Brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge
Guacamole and house-made chips
Grilled street corn with cojita, cilantro, and garlic lime aiol
Breakfast taco with scrambled eggs, longhorn cheese, 
avocado crema and roasted salsa on a flour tortilla with chorizo
Moronga – house-made Mexican blood sausage,
 roasted poblano grits, radish slaw, salsa verse and a fried egg

12:08 PM Sassy

Hiya!  How’s your Saturday going?  Hope you’re having fun!
1:32 PM Phil
Taking it easy
1:33 PM Sassy
1:45 PM Sassy
You home again?
1:45 PM Phil

3:35 PM Sassy
And they’re done! The last musher crossed the finish line! 3 days after the first one, two weeks since the start, almost 1,000 miles across Alaska. 52 people and their dogs made it to Nome! Woot! #iditarod #iditarod2018

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