Hubby’s birthday brunch and Bancroft

March 4, 2018 Sunday
6:55 AM Sassy
Happy Sunday!  Hope your power is back.  My main task is giving Hubby a special birthday today.  We’re going to brunch in Arlington with project pals, then dinner in Burlington!  Whee… Have a great day!
Have fun! Still no power
11:12 AM Phil
Power’s back at last! 
11:14 AM Sassy
Yay for power!
No lie! Didn’t want to miss the Oscars

12:57 PM Sassy
Tasty brunch at Menotomy Tavern in Arlington for Hubby’s birthday

Hubby’s Monte cristo
Cod cakes
My chicken on a biscuit with sausage gravy
Edna’s eggs
8:34 PM Sassy
Hubby’s birthday dinner at The Bancroft in Burlington
Rolls and butter
Hubby’s lobster and haddock stew with blue potatoes
My beets and cloumage salad

Hubby’s steak au poivre 

with a bag of truffle fries and a shrimp skewer

My lobster risotto

Banana caramel pound cake sundae

10:14 PM Sassy
One more treat for Hubby’s birthday – a slice of trees leches cake from Wegmans!

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