Redbones BBQ

November 22, 2017 Wednesday
12:46 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!
[photo of me at my desk at work]
1:21 PM Phil
Hey there!
1:26 PM Sassy
What’s going on for Thanksgiving?
I’m getting out of work early!
3:09 PM Phil
Heading to the beach!
3:10 PM Sassy
Awesome!  Will it be warm?
I’m at the bbq joint
3:13 PM Phil
Nah but dinner will be great
3:13 PM Sassy
You cooking?
3:21 PM Phil
Oh yeah, we always do
3:36 PM Sassy
My niece requested lobster Mac and cheese
3:50 PM Phil
Why wouldn’t she?! Smart girl.
Sounds fabulous!

5:23 PM Sassy
Making good use of getting out of work early – trying the new fried chicken at Redbones in Davis Square Somerville

Buffalo shrimp and celery with blue cheese dressing 
Sausage otd
My “pick 2” with pulled pork and a fried chicken breast 
with bbq beans and mashed potatoes with gravy
Hubby’s fried chicken sandwich with slaw and chipotle mayo

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