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September 12, 2017 Tuesday

Ashley Madison Message

Date: Sep 12th – 9:06pm
From: WrySmile
To: Sassy

Hi Sassy
Let me buy you a Toscanini’s sundae or cappuccino so we can talk. I really enjoy your profile, your tagline and the fact that you live nearby. I have to admit that I’m a bit put off by your dimensions, but you seem like fun. So let’s meet.

About me: I’m friendly, open, warm, honest, well-educated and occasionally quirky. I’ve been called a great conversationalist. I love to make people laugh. I’m occasionally called handsome, but I doubt I’ve ever been called sexy. I’m told I have kind eyes, but I have no idea what that means. My wife described me this way: “You’re interested in everyone and you respect everyone.”

To echo what you want in your profile: I’m smart (at least that’s what my degrees say), I believe I have a good sense of humor, and I’m often upbeat. I like a wide variety of restaurants. I love to make people laugh and smile – especially women.

The relationship I’m looking for will be based on good conversation and sex. I think my profile describe me quite well. Take a look and see if you feel like a trip to Toscanini’s with me.

PS1: You can use to contact me.

PS2: Got a photo?


Hmmm… he jumps straight to wanting to meet. And gives me an email right away. That usually does not bode well. But an offer of ice cream is different… how creative! and one of the best places across the river! I usually get invited “for coffee” or “for drinks” neither of which appeal. Ice cream? YUM!

But the line about my “dimensions?” Ugh. Normal I guess, and honest but… yuck. It reminds me of the line about what people fear when meeting a person online. Men worry the woman will be fat. Women worry the man will kill them. *sigh

Otherwise, he sounds possible. I’d better go look at his profile to see if it makes him look better or worse.

Let’s see….

Good tagline around humor!  That’s a great start! 

Photo is not great…his face cropped from some random group photo with the added goofy Ashley Madison eye mask. Not smiling. He has hair on his head! Nice beard.

A little older than I am. Good.

Lives nearby… okay.

A little taller. Okay.

Weight… skinny. Eh.

Wants something long term. Good.

Didn’t answer the smoking question?

Wants someone smart! Yay!

Nice guy. Yes, please.

Wants to charm me, make me smile, make me laugh. Great!

Says no sex with his wife and she’s okay for him to look elsewhere. Wow.  Never seen that before.

Spelled discreet wrong. Twice. Heh. What it is with that word guys?!

He put requirements, which I can easily meet. Then he put a wish list – good way to express that! He mentioned one of my favorite rather obscure movies!

He mentions anal sex. Eh. But then a lot of guys do, sort of a litmus test to see if you’re flexible and non-vanilla, but then they never try to do it.

He would like 420 friendly. Bleh.

An interesting mix… maybe worth responding to and eating an ice cream to see if the positives outweigh the negatives?  Do I really want to jump back into this again?  I need to think it over.

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