Juicy July

July 1, 2017 Saturday

10:31 AM Sassy
Mexican brunch at Lone Star Taco Bar – “Moronga” with blood sausage, poblano grits, radish slaw, salsa verde, and fried egg

12:50 PM Phil

Have a great day! It’s hot and gorgeous! 
Not you, the weather but I could be talking about you  : )
12:51 PM Sassy
Awww… you are charming today!
I had grits for breakfast.  That should make it a good day!
12:52 PM Phil
Shrimp and grits, one of my favorites
12:52 PM Sassy
This was Mexican grits… smooth and spicy.  Like you!
12:53 PM Phil
Mmmmmmm, sounds amazing
12:53 PM Sassy
I got to see The Northerner yesterday!
I am calm and smiling.
12:55 PM Phil
Ahh, cool!  Glad you started your weekend well!
12:55 PM Sassy
Wonderful way to celebrate the start of the weekend early.  : )
12:56 PM Phil

5:41 PM Phil

[photo of a guy cumming on a gal’s tits]
5:45 PM Sassy
My my… you’re feeling frisky?
5:46 PM Phil
Ha, Always
5:46 PM Sassy
Where are you?
5:47 PM Phil
Hanging out in the basement
5:54 PM Sassy
Had supper?
5:55 PM Phil
Why no
5:56 PM Sassy
I just ordered ours to be delivered
I could use an appetizer
Something creamy
5:57 PM Phil
I like feeding you creamy desserts
5:58 PM Sassy
Need some protein
5:59 PM Phil
: )
I know just the thing
6:06 PM Phil
Enjoy dinner!
6:07 PM Sassy
6:09 PM Phil

7:21 PM Phil
[photo – full frontal of him in the shower]
Best I can do for dessert. An old fat guy
7:24 PM Sassy
Oh my…you are so super sexy!  Mmmm…
7:25 PM Phil
Well I am old but I try
7:25 PM Sassy
I want to do things with you!
7:26 PM Phil
7:34 PM Phil
Just finished working out. 
Just what everyone wants to see, a big naked sweaty guy
7:37 PM Sassy
It makes me think of how you’d look after a different sort of work out… which is very hot.
7:39 PMPhil
About the same except much harder
7:46 PM Sassy
Maybe a bigger smile?
8:10 PM Phil
Oh hell yeah
8:11 PM Sassy
I like to help you smile
9:44 PM Phil
You do that a lot  : ) 
10:34 PM Phil
Nite cutie! 
Hope dinner was good and the old guy inspires a little play time
10:36 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!
10:36 PM Phil
Naked again.  (devil emoji)

10:36 PM Sassy
I came about an hour ago with your photo
10:37 PM Phil
Ummm, makes me smile
[photo of him grinning, leaning in to the frame, shoulders and chest, no clothes in sight]
10:40 PM Sassy
Awww… you have me kissing the screen!
10:42 PM Phil
[photo of him making kissy lips very close to the camera]
10:43 PM Phil
You missed a video chat with Phil.
Call Again
10:43 PM Phil
Nite sweet girl
10:43 PM Sassy
[Photo of my face, staring at my computer, wearing a nightshirt ]
10:44 PM Phil
Hey there cute stuff!
10:45 PM Sassy
Awww… just a sleepy sassy gal
10:45 PM Phil
Sexy dreams
10:50 PM Phil
[very dark photo but if you look closely it’s him lying on his bed naked]
[photo of him lying on his bed, cock sticking straight up]
10:52 PM Sassy
Oh I wish I was right there…
10:52 PM Phil
Thinking of you
10:52 PM Sassy
I’d play with that.
10:52 PM Phil
Oh yeah
10:52 PM Sassy
Lick it

10:55 PM Phil
10:55 PM Sassy
Kiss it
10:55 PM Phil
Suck it
10:55 PM Sassy
Blow cool breath on it!
10:55 PM Phil
[Photo of his cock and his legs, while he’s lying on the bed]
10:56 PM Sassy
Oh yes… suck it until your eyes roll back in your head… you hips pop toward me and you moan!
10:56 PM Phil
10:57 PM Sassy
Give me that white hot cum to swallow.
10:57 PM Phil
Oh damn, loved cumming in your mouth
10:58 PM Sassy
So much fun!
10:58 PM Phil
And I still want to try out the butt plug
Just sounds hot
10:59 PM Sassy
It’s still in the package… waiting
11:00 PM Phil
11:00 PM Sassy
I’m chicken to try it alone
11:00 PM Phil
I think I’d love it
Get all wet and excited, lube that add up and it will slide right in
Happy to be the test subject
11:02 PM Sassy
That would be something!
11:03 PM Phil
Ha! Just fun
11:03 PM Sassy
We need more of that!
11:04 PM Phil
Yup, clean, exciting fun that hurts no one
You can fuck my ass with any toy you like

11:06 PM Sassy
Would suck and fuck.  : ) 
11:06 PM Phil
Oh yes!
Night baby girl. Love you
11:00 PM Sassy
Love you lots!  Sweet sexy dreams!

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