Meeting Jim

February 27, 2015 Friday

He sent me a message on AM the night before I was leaving for a week of vacation.  It was an  intriguing message and his profile was great as well!  It wasn’t a good idea to write when I was headed out of town, but I didn’t want to wait.  So I responded, admitting I was going away for a week the next day.  He wrote back!  We exchanged a bunch of messages as I made my way to Mexico.  
We wrote several times a day while I was away.  It was actually a great time to get to know him – I was relaxed and had more time than usual.
I was a mess when I got back… work was nuts, my mom had a crisis, a big project event was coming up.  I had a lot less time and brain space to write to him.   But he was patient, and we managed to figure out a time to meet at the end of the week when we had been talking for two weeks. 
As often happens, this makes a guy go quiet.  I’m never clear on why… it makes me want to talk more!  But once I agreed to meet, he wrote a lot less. 
We agreed to meet at the Starbucks at the mall.  I took the day off from work.  
At Starbucks
I parked in the garage and strolled into the shop right at 10:30 am.  I looked at the only empty table, went to sit down and he walked in!  We had a lovely hug – he is big and tall as advertised!  He jokingly said, “It’s so great to see you!  How are you old friend?”  as I had told him I was going to hug him and anyone looking would think we were old friends.  Ha! 
We settled in at the table on the left side and I took his hand.  He smiled down at our hands then stared into my eyes.  He has beautiful steel gray blue eyes.  His gray hair is very short, with a small curl right at the forehead.  He wore an expensive plaid dress shirt, brown tweed blazer and khaki pants.  He looks a lot like Drew Carey!  

We talked for over an hour.  He told me about his work, his childhood, his life now.  He tells great stories!  He listened to me about all sorts of things.  He admitted to using Cialis – orders it from India.  Said he has no problems with his erection but it gives him stamina.  He admitted that he never went to college.  He was thrown out of the house by his stepfather right after high school because, “I was smarter than he was and he hated me.”  So he told of working with computers and helping companies get ahead of their competition because he knew the latest tricks.  He downplays it but it is clear that was a horrible lonely time and he triumphed in amazing ways.  
At lunch
Hunger finally took me over just before noon and I asked if he’d like to continue to lunch.  He nodded and said, “Of course!”  We decided on PF Chang’s and strolled over there.  I asked for the corner booth and we got it!  I slid in and he sat at a 90 degree angle so I could touch him easily.  
I ordered the walnut shrimp and melon lunch special, which got a me a hot & sour soup and rice.  He wanted the curried tofu and veggies off the main menu.  I got to taste it – yum!  He tasted mine.  I adore that sharing. 
We continued to talk.  It was easy.  He wanted to know more about Hubby – men always do.  He told me more about his wife.  And his children.  I played with his thumb.  I played with his knee.  I beckoned him over for a kiss.  Mmmm… nice.  He offered to buy me dessert but I was already full and I wanted to get out of the restaurant.  He paid the bill.  I asked if he wanted some cash to split it or pay or tip.  He said no.  I thanked him sincerely. 
He asked what was next.  I said I like him to walk me to my car and I winked.  He winked back and said he would be happy to do that. 
In the garage
So we strolled into the mall and up to the garage.  I had parked in the upper deck.  It was too busy there to do much but I tried to ignore the passing cars and pedestrians. I leaned against my driver’s side door and pulled him in for a hug.  He wove his hand through my hair and kissed me.  Oh yes.  
We stood by my car for over an hour.  Kissing… groping.  It was too cold to be there but we didn’t pay attention.  He said his hands were cold, so I tucked them under my shirt.  Bad Sassy.  He stroked my skin and played with my chest outside my bra.  I unbuttoned my top so he could see my famous cleavage.  He smiled at that.  
He put his hand lower and pulled me around in front of the car against a wall so he could explore my slit.  He complimented me on wearing loose pants.  He played with my clit.  It felt so fantastic!  He encouraged me to cum.  I stared into his eyes… but there was no way it was happening in a busy parking garage!  
I cooled off a bit and hugged him to stay warmer.  He mentioned that somehow his fly was undone.  Heh.  I slipped my hand in and let it warm up a bit, then slipped further inside to touch him.  I pulled a bit and he smiled.  I reached underneath, asking if stroking there was good?  Or squeezing?  That brought a jump from his cock.  He had told me his cock was not very big, but it was good sized and very hard in my hand!  He asked me what I was thinking about.  I said I was thinking of a room.  What sort of room?  he asked.  A room with a door and a bed I replied.  He smiled. 

So we got each other all revved up and then… he had to leave.  We had been together for five hours, so I could hardly complain.  I wanted to be with him again very soon but I didn’t say anything.  He gave me a long last hug and walked away at 3:30 pm.  Please please let him write me soon to set up another meet!  

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  1. We stop talking because we don't want to run out of material for that first meet 'n greet! Most of us (or maybe just me) only have enough relevant and interesting data to discuss for about 15-20 and after that it's all about the weather. If we run out the clock on e-mail then we're screwed and we are just staring into space. Which is why it's always good to be with a Sassy lady who can carry the conversation!

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