Mexico Day 5 Isla de Mujeres

February 18, 2015 Wednesday

[If you missed the earlier part of my trip, click to catch up]

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Rode a ferry to Isla de Mujeres and back. Swam with a sea lion named Michelle, four manatees (kissed Sabrina) and two dolphins (Madonna and Picasso)

The ferry terminal – leftover from the days when cruise ships docked here. They go to Cozumel now.

 Looking back at the pier as we head out to Isla de Mujeres

 Looking back at the coast and beautiful sailboat

 Choppy water on a cloudy day

 First glimpse of Isla de Mujeres

 The Dolphin Discovery complex, with dolphin pools out front.

Buffet Lunch and drinks included under the thatched roof

The dolphins enclosures in the distance, the manatees in the middle and the sea lions closest to the camera.  The sea lion we swam with was named Michelle – she’s 8 years old and very smart!  There will be photos of her eventually. They don’t let you take in your camera so they can sell you their photographers’ work.

One last look at the island as we head back to the mainland. 
The towel elephant the hotel maid left us. Hee! 

Tonight’s dinner @La Capilla Argentina

Free bread with chimmichuri sauce

 An amouse busch of grouper with soy and lime
Limonada – fizzy lemonade

Crab chowder with bacon and corn

Pressed suckling pig with lime cucumber and sweet potato chips

 Seafood linguini
 Caramel chocolate crepes
 Chocolate cake

I’m posting a few trip photos every day this week. If you want to jump ahead and see all my trip photos in one place, click over to Google+ for either: 
1) The Mexico trip highlights album (46 photos)
2) All the Mexico trip photos day by day (scroll down about 3 screens to February 2015)

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