Truck stroking

October 14, 2014 Tuesday
·        10:35 AM Mr Truck: Needless to say, our conversation Sunday has been on my mind a lot. I stroked twice about it, spurting nice loads about at the point where you had me bent over so all your office workers could see my precious butt plug, then you inviting them to come look closer and touch it, jiggle it…
·        10:37 AM  Mr Truck: Inviting them to pinch a nipple, telling them loudly, what a little nipple whore I am
·        10:38 AM  Mr Truck: That all anyone ever needs to do it touch my nipples and watch me beg for my butt plug
·        10:42 AM  Mr Truck: Looking for butt plug vids for you now (well, for ME too!)
·        10:43 AM  Mr Truck: How did you know I’d be so open to this fantasy?
·        11:44 AM  Sassy: Oh my…. this has me so wet! Sitting at my office at work… tingling… it’s like someone stuck an electrical prod up inside me! You are so hot!
·        11:44 AM  Sassy: I didn’t know… I took a chance… you always um… rise to the occasion! 
·        11:45 AM  Sassy: I dreamed this awhile back and it has been feeding my fantasies ever since! Not sure what it is about it… I’m not usually into domme scenarios but man, this works on so many levels.
·        12:14 PM  Mr Truck: I know! It kind of took me by surprise that you tapped into secret anal yearnings of mine!
·        12:16 PM  Mr Truck: Having a difficult time finding any butt plug vids, don’t know why, I thought I’ve seen plenty a while back (oops, I think I gave myself away…)
·        12:17 PM  Mr Truck: I want to kiss you deeply while you twist my nipple with one hand and gently wet finger the rim my attention starved anus…

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