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October 7, 2014 Tuesday
Me: Hiya hot stuff! You behaving? 7:53 PM
Kris: No – up to no good…was thinking of u today.  thought maybe u were trying to wean yourself from me. 😉 8:57 PM
Me: I’ve been missing you awful bad but trying not to be a pest. I thought you’d found someone better to play with. What sort of mischief? 8:59 PM
Kris: Dating numerous women…no sex.  long bike rides.  dinners…fleeting moments of escape from feelings of loss of wife…kids all hate me.  lonliness.  so dating numerous women is “temporary distraction”…affair covenant still on between us.  I’ll tell u if I have sex with someone…not yet.  like to wait till married.  HAH!.  I’M SO MESSED UP!!!!  9:10 PM
Me: So same as usual? 😉 There are free hugs here for you. 9:13 PM
Kris: something should change.  but doesn’t seem to 9:15 PM
Me: Too true. Things getting worse here. But hearing from you makes me smile. 9:22 PM
Kris: how getting worse for u? 9:25 PM
Me: Mom is a mess… severe pain from spinal compression fracture. And boss is attacking another colleague.  Had a bad cold all weekend but it is easing. Have that “stop the world, I need to get off and sit awhile” feeling. 9:50 PM
Kris: sorry to hear…know the feeling 9:55 PM
Me: I do escape into memories of RI and you, when it gets bad. 🙂 10:20 PM

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