Meet #33 Part 2 Divine Intervention

Saturday September 20, 2014

[If you missed Part 1, click here]

It was lovely to wake up with Kris nestled beside me in a hotel bed!  He played with my breast as I woke up and smiled at me so sweetly!

First thing this morning he said he could cancel his Sunday afternoon thing (a date with another “potential wife,”) so we wouldn’t be rushed leaving Bar Harbor on Sunday.  It was supposed to warm up, so I resigned myself to going on. He didn’t want to give up on a non-refundable hotel reservation.  He asked me if I really wanted to skip heading north and I took a deep breath and… his phone rang.  
It was one of his new renters, saying there had been a fire at his house!  He and another renter had smelled smoke, discovered a fire on the deck, put it out with the garden hose, and a neighbor raced over with a fire extinguisher.  He said it wasn’t bad, but the back patio door had shattered so the house was open to the elements.  So he had to go home to deal with it.  It is such a mess for him, just one more stressing thing at a time when he needs life to go better, and a financial drain when he is beyond tapped out.  I hate to say, but I saw it as divine intervention to keep me from having to spend another two days on the motorcycle!  
So we packed up, had a quick breakfast at a fun bagel place – Beach Bagels.  I ate a wonderful everything bagel with store-made chive cream cheese that had fresh chives in it!  Yum!  
He offered to take me home, but I knew he really wanted to see the damage and start to deal with it.  So we went to his place.  The highway part was still icky – cold and windy on the back of his motorcycle, but the sun came out and the country roads near his place were lovely!  I could relax and be warmer and see the possibility of being able to ride and not be completely miserable and terrified the entire time.  Like the boating with him, I don’t think it will ever be my thing, but something I can do it to please him and find facets that are not so bad. 
When we arrived, I stayed by the bike unloading our stuff to give him a chance to survey the damage alone.  After a bit he called to me to come on up.  I took some photos for him.  His house looked bad on bad outside with a hole in the deck near the house, the shattered glass deck door and seared siding.  He dealt with insurance calls and the fire dept. and so forth.

The fire department guys came to take a look.  They took photos and samples and poked around, said it looked like an electrical short, but they’d need to investigate further.  He is very lucky there was no interior damage and the renter was there to put it out. 

I went out to his garden and picked veggies to make us lunch.  So wonderful to taste fresh cucumber and tomatoes!  I wanted to stay to help and listen to him, but he pointed out he wouldn’t be able to entertain me, running around to clean up and repair the door, then he had to do some work for his job until likely around midnight, and I really could not stay there, as he had told his renters no overnight guests so he couldn’t have me there.  He said we could go to a hotel late night, but that seemed like a poor use of resources.  I looked for ways I could help, but gathered that he needed me out of his hair.
So I called Hubby, asked him to change his plans and come get me.  He had been totally freaked out about my motorcycle riding, so he agreed very quickly.  He was there in a little over an hour.  He wanted to take off right away, but Kris invited him to look at the damage and use the bathroom.  He agreed uneasily, but got into talking with Kris trying to figure out what caused the fire, and go on a quick tour around the house and yard.  I marvel at how well we interact!  
I hated to leave Kris alone to deal, but he assured me it was better this way.  I gave him a big hug, tossed my stuff in my car and took off for home.  

Me: I’m home. Thank you for my first bike trip and a wonderful night! 4:24 PM
Kris: you’re such a good sport!  just because you knew I’d like it. 🙂 5:21 PM
Me: Just woke up from 4 hr nap! Hope your work is going smoothly! 9:17 PM
Kris: bike ride really wore you out eh?…lol.  chugging along.  ugh! 9:31 PM
Me: You finish enough? Hugs. 12:02 AM

I spent Saturday night bouncing around the internet and texting Kris every now and then to see how he was doing.  I was wishing I had stayed up there so I could go into the next room to hug him periodically, but knowing that would’ve been a bad idea this particular day. 
I crawled into bed with Hubby.  It was so tough to lie next to “Mr. Don’t Touch Me” instead of cuddled up with Kris listening to the waves in Maine.  I hate it when going away with Kris makes me see the flaws in my “real life.”  *sigh  At least I didn’t die in a motorcycle accident!  And I have wonderful memories of a stellar dinner overlooking Perkins Cove and some sexy cuddling!  

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