Small victories and pleasures

Tuesday, September 2, 2104
Good morning!  Another beautiful day here.  I’m off from work, taking Mom out for lunch, helping at a project meeting tonight.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
8:36am Phil 
Good morning  No A/C in our building this morning.  Hot in here.  Hope you had a wonderful time in Maine!

Maine was beautiful and strange!  Have you been all up in there?  A great getaway with a man I can touch, amazing lobster and scenic driving.  But he is a mess… facing first post-bust meeting with his wife and minister today.  She was calling him, asking him not to be home so she can “take what she wants” from the house… tough times.  I was glad to be there for him, but it wasn’t all giggles.  But eating lobster holding his hand overlooking a little harbor is just about heaven to me!

9:16am Phil 
Gonna be a lot of challenges there but enjoy the small victories and pleasures

I have two hopes for his meeting today.  Either he will convince her to try again (what he says he wants) and she will come back to work on their marriage soon, or she will say definitively that she is done so he can start to move on.  Despite all his mess, he still makes me smile and feel sexy!

Going off to brunch with Hubby and his lady friend.  Whee! Pray for me!

9:35am Phil 

I predict she walks. I also think in the long run, that’s what’s best for him. 
Brunch doesn’t sound like any fun to me if Hubby brings someone else. 
Trying to force my wife to go through and get rid if stuff

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