Meet #30 Part 2 Dealing

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 
My alarm went off at 6 am.  I was not tired, just a little slow and cranky.  I looked at him lying next to me and smiled.  Such a treat!  

I got up and ready in record time, rubbed on him and kissed his face, told him I was going, and left him lying in my bed at 6:35 am, headed to work for the busiest day of my year, running a huge conference!  Whee! 
It’s odd how this week, when I should be completely focused on work, always has some guy causing a major distraction.  It started with Philip in 2010.  He contacted me about a week before the conference and we were going hot and heavy, talking late into the night and most of the day as I worked.  In 2013, I had two guys I was juggling, one of whom told me his was a sub the morning of the conference, so I stewed over that most of the morning then wrote to him on my lunch break telling him goodbye!   And now Kris kept me talking all night.  Whee! 
Me: Good morning! Are you still at my place? 11:22 AM
Kris: no – had mtg at work at 9, another at 10. just leaving office and heading home.  Need to work on filling out financials for divorce conference with wife’s lawyer next Thursday. 🙁  Hope you’re not too tired and day’s going ok. 12:28 PM
Me: Thanks. Just checking as Hubby is heading home. I’m feeling amazingly well. Day is gruesome but I’m dealing. When it’s bad, I think of you wrapped around me in my bed and smile. You tired? Hope the tasks flow easily! 12:33 PM
Kris: little tired, but “dealing”.  As long as i take my “meds” (caffeine) I’m fine. 😉 12:41 PM

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