Elephant rescue

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Good morning!
Leaving early to let the cleaners do their thing.
Dinner with older sister tonight!
Have a great Thursday!

8:06am Phil 
Working my ass off trying to get my life in order.

Beach Gal is a done deal. Just had to close my heart to it. Still have a lot of fond memories and I’ll enjoy those.

Fred is trying to talk me into moving into a house with her but my brain keeps screaming no on that one. She’s a great gal and a lot of fun but my financial guy says I’ll be broke and have to work into my 70s to live at half the standard I have now and Fred has nothing and I mean nothing. She blames that on being single and raising her kids but the kids have been out for ten years. I think she sees me as a way out of poverty and I don’t want to be that.

The financial dude said find someone who has a similar income and brings something to the relationship and I would be fine. Fred says she makes 75k but I know she barely makes 40k, had not had utilities in her name for almost 20 years, has no credit. Just feels like a train wreck and she drinks non stop which I have issue with. I really think after a short period I would be on her non stop for smoking, drinking, cleaning, money etc.

I am so buried in work I have no time anyway. Enjoy dinner and have a great day!

Great elephant rescue story!

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